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Come up mauka and see how the coffee harvesting season is progressing. Greenwell Farms offers farm tours continuously from 8:30am through 4:30pm Monday through Sunday.
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Green Coffee Beans

Roast Greenwell Farms Kona Coffee at Home

Roasting coffee at home is a lot of fun and a great way to ensure the freshest cup of Kona Coffee possible. We offer a great selection of green bean so that you can create your own roast profile using the same green bean that is used in Greenwell Farms’ 100% Kona Coffee products.

Order Green Beans

Roasting your own coffee is as simple as 1,2,3:

1) Select your favorite Greenwell Farms Kona green-beans.
2) Pop them into your favorite roaster.
3) Enjoy the aroma of freshly roasted Kona coffee right in your own home.

Green Beans

Kona Green Coffee Beans

Prior to being roasted coffee is referred to as “green coffee” due to its emerald green color. Kona green bean is classified into several standardized grades based upon bean size (typically called “screen size” since screens with varying hole sizes are used in the separation process). This classification helps ensure bean size uniformity and facilitates even consistent roasts. Once the beans have been sized, they are run over a gravity separator to eliminate beans with various kinds of defects.

Two grades of Greenwell green bean now offered:

Kona Fancy- large beans out of stock until further notice
Kona Peaberry small “round” beans very dense out of stock until further notice

This product is neither a green bean extract nor can an extract be generated from these beans.

Green beans cannot be shipped inter-island (within the State of Hawaii) due to State quarantine for green beans. Only green beans that have been fumigated and certified by inspectors can be shipped inter-island. Greenwell Farms is not offering this service at this time for non-wholesale customers. Thank you for your understanding.

Since everyone’s palate is different, the best thing is to just experiment with using different grades, and various levels of roast.

A typical roaster will hold up to a 1/4 cup of green coffee, which yields a 10 cup pot of coffee.

Most roasters take approximately 10-15 minutes for roasting. So be as creative as you care to be and explore developing your own roast profile. Have fun and happy roasting!

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